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John MacKinley

Our mission, here at True North Agility, is to provide a positive experience for both the handler and their dog as they train in agility. We believe that positive reinforcement training methods are the best way to attain this and expect that all our students will enjoy this learning environment.

We also believe in building a solid foundation in obstacle performance. This is vital to playing the sport of agility. An emphasis on the handler/dog relationship is a major part of our program and a key component in building that foundation.

A large portion of our training sessions is devoted to learning how to communicate with your dog so that the two of you become a team. This is truly a team sport and learning how to work, as a team is the challenge.

Our approach to obstacle training and performance is based on the "thinking dog". We teach the dog to understand the required obstacle performance and then have the dog provide that behaviour when asked. We teach "two on/two off" performance on the contact equipment and use 2x2 weaves pole training. Clicker training is a required tool in our program and if you're not familiar with this method, we will teach you how to use it.

We recognize that not all dogs are the same and when required we adapt our program to maximize the best possible training solution. We do not however ever compromise the goal of our training - to provide a positive experience for your dog and you.

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